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Ordering goods:

Enter your vehicle tyre specifications (usually indicated in the technical specifications of the vehicle or on a sticker applied on the driver’s side door or jamb or on the fuel tank cover) into respective boxes of the tyre search form and press “Enter”. If you are not sure about your vehicle tyre specifications please contact us on [email protected] and we will try to help you. 

The tyres offered at a discount or at special sales promotion prices are valid when you buy 4 pcs. If you order 1 to 3 pcs., then our sales assistants would give our price quotation. 

The tyres are sold in 4 pcs.sets. Should you wish to order 1 to 3 pcs., then our sales assistants will send you a confirmation whether ordering a smaller number of tyres is possible.

After we receive your filled-in order form, our sales assistants will contact you within 24 hours (on working days) and  send you our invoice for advance payment. The tyres ordered by you would remain reserved for 3 working days, and if payment has not been effected within 3 days the reservation will be cancelled.  After you made the bank transfer please notify us about it by writing to [email protected] or to the e-mail address indicated by the assistant who was communicating with you. After the payment is credited to our bank account the tyres will be delivered to the address specified by you within 2 working days. All tyres are issued 1 year warranty.


Delivery in Lithuania surcharge:

On purchases up to 500 Lt – 15 lt

On purchases from 500 Lt to 1000 Lt – 10 Lt

Over 1000 Lt – 0 Lt

For destinations in Kuršių Nerija (Curonian Spit) – plus 60 Lt

The charge for deliveries outside Lithuania will be quoted separately. Please contact: [email protected]


Warranty conditions:

The warranty applies to workmanship defects. No claims will be accepted if the company‘s expert or expert commission (if required) finds that the tyre was damaged mechanically, was run mounted on a wrong width or inferior quality wheel, or the chassis of the vehicle was not duly adjusted. Please remember that the tyres have to be balanced and air pressure checked regularly. The warranty does not apply to mileage. The warranty shall apply to the tyre not dismounted from the wheel. The warranty shall be valid from the tyre sale date.

Money back guarantee:

14 days money back guarantee shall apply to the goods purchased. The goods to be returned must have been not mounted or used otherwise.

Availability and prices: 

Our web catalogue should not be understood as constituting a firm offer. All prices and quantities are given for orientation purposes, and may vary due to errors, supply problems, and etc. On receipt of your order our sales assistants will furnish you with an up-to-date and valid offer in each particular case.

The availability of goods is limited. If in the course your order processing it is established the quantity ordered is not available, then we will contact you referring to your contact info.

The seller reserves the right to change the prices and sales promotion conditions.


Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us on: [email protected]

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