MAXTREK MAXIMUS DS01 205/40R17 84W (2023)

205/40R17 84W
Tire Season Index Vasarinės · Biudžetinės
Tire Fuel Saving Index E Tire Wet Pavement Index E Tire Noise Index 72dB
Pristatymas Pristatymas: 1 - 3 d.d.
Likutis, vnt.: >4
*Nemokamas pristatymas/atsiėmimas galioja užsakant komplektais po 4 vnt.
*Nemokamas atsiėmimas parduotuvėje galioja užsakant komplektais po 4 vnt.
*Nurodyta prekės kaina galioja tik perkant internetu.
80,23 €
Prekės aprašymas
Modelis MAXIMUS DS01
Plotis 205
Skersmuo 17
Aukštis 40
Prekės ženklas MAXTREK
Gamybos metai 2023
Sezonas Vasarinės
Automobilio tipas Sportinis automobilis
Greičio ideksas W - 270 km/h
Apkrovos indeksas 84
M+S Ne
Padangos tipas Sportui
Kuro taupymas E
Šlapia danga E
Triukšmo klasė 2
Triukšmas, dB 72
Segmentas Biudžetinės



Founded in 2006 and located in Zhaoqing High-tech Development Zone, Guangdong, China, with registered capital of 45 million USD and more than 1,000 employees, Zhaoqing Junhong Co., Ltd. (Junhong) integrates with R&D, manufacture, sales and services of semi-steel radial tyres and steps forward to a bright and prosperous future. 






Junhong embraces technological advancement and focusing on R&D is a part of the company’s strategy decision. The investment into R&D amounts over 3% of its gross sales and is expected to increase even higher. More than 40 patents have been registered in USA, Europe and China, and more than 20 patterns and over 600 sizes have been developed for all season, all weather and winter tyres, for high-way terrain, all terrain and mud terrain, and for most of sedans, SUVs and MPVs. 






Meanwhile, the implementation of ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality management system allows Junhong better control in product quality. To date, products of Junhong have passed international and regional standards and obtained relevant certificates like DOT for USA, ECE&EEC for Europe, CCC for China, SIRIM for Malaysia, INMETRO for Brazil, GCC for the Middle-East, SASO for Saudi Arabia, SONCAP for Nigeria, etc. 


With 10 years development, Junhong remains strong and keep growing in the market. The products of Junhong have been sold well to over 90 countries and also taken as OE for Foton Auto, DFSK Auto, Lifan Auto, Foday Auto, Zotye Auto and other auto companies, gaining great reputations from customers all over the world, a solid foundation for further development and expansion of Junhong and its group, a path for striving to the top in business.

Prekės aprašymas
✔️ Vilnius, Liepkalnio g. 4A Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Vilnius, Upės g. 5 Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Vilnius, Ugniagesių g. 10 >4 vnt.
✔️ Kaunas, Jonavos g. 74 Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Klaipėda , Šilutės pl. 56 Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Šiauliai, J. Basanavičiaus g. 23 Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Panevėžys, J. Basanavičiaus g. 65 Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Mažeikiai, Gamyklos g. 40D Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.