AUSTONE SP701 235/35R19 91W XL (2021-2023)

235/35R19 91W XL
Tire Season Index Vasarinės · Biudžetinės
Tire Fuel Saving Index C Tire Wet Pavement Index C Tire Noise Index 72dB
Pristatymas Pristatymas: 0 - 2 d.d.
Likutis, vnt.: >4
*Nemokamas pristatymas/atsiėmimas galioja užsakant komplektais po 4 vnt.
*Nemokamas atsiėmimas parduotuvėje galioja užsakant komplektais po 4 vnt.
*Nurodyta prekės kaina galioja tik perkant internetu.
69,98 €
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Modelis SP701
Plotis 235
Skersmuo 19
Aukštis 35
Prekės ženklas AUSTONE
Gamybos metai 2021-2023
Sezonas Vasarinės
Automobilio tipas Lengvasis automobilis
Greičio ideksas W - 270 km/h
Apkrovos indeksas 91
Sustiprinimas XL
M+S Ne
Padangos tipas Nedygliuota
Kuro taupymas C
Šlapia danga C
Triukšmo klasė 2
Triukšmas, dB 72
Segmentas Biudžetinės
  •  The pattern structure design provides driving safety.  
  • Effective noise control provides quality ride experience everyday.   
  • A new self-supporting reinforced material is added at SW and bead area to "prop up" the car body to continue driving.  
  • Tire strength and low heat generation performance are improved remarkably by replacing the traditional polyester fiber with modified rayon.
brand_logo Austone is one of four brands of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Company who was founded in 1976. The name of the brand originated from AUSTRALIA NO. ONE. Austone brand believes Love is the origin, is the drive for life. It is the connection you share with whom you travel with and is what makes every moment of your journey count. Austone provides attentive services and safest tire solutions, which is made to protect and empower every bond built along the way. No matter which path you are going to choose — Austone is here to support you on your drive towards a life you love.
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✔️ Vilnius, Liepkalnio g. 4A 4 vnt.
✔️ Vilnius, Upės g. 5 Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Vilnius, Ugniagesių g. 10 4 vnt.
✔️ Kaunas, Jonavos g. 74 4 vnt.
✔️ Klaipėda , Šilutės pl. 56 >4 vnt.
✔️ Šiauliai, J. Basanavičiaus g. 23 Užsakius pristatysime per 0-3 d.d.
✔️ Panevėžys, J. Basanavičiaus g. 65 4 vnt.
✔️ Mažeikiai, Gamyklos g. 40D 4 vnt.